Our Music

At Irish Wedding Djs we are proud of our ability to get the music absolutely right for our customers and their events. We achieve this by implementing the following four stage process –

The Widest Choice of Music Offered

We cover a wide range of events with an even wider range of ages so it makes perfect sense for us to carry a wide range of music – from past dance-floor classics through to the latest chart. Please hit the link below for a sample playlist

Choose Your Favourite music

Music is very much about individual choice, which is why when you make a booking with Irish Wedding Djs we will ask you if you have any favourite songs or artists you would like played at your event. If you would prefer to leave it to our DJs expertise we can take a generalisation of any likes or dislikes, then relax and leave it to us to play popular songs targeted at you and your guest’s age range. If on the other hand you are a big music fan we welcome music play lists of your specific favourite songs before the event. On the evening not only will your DJ accommodate the tracks on your list but also use their extensive music knowledge to add similar songs to compliment those on your list.

Requests & Dedications Accommodated

Our aim is to always play the music both you and your guests want to hear. As well as accommodating your favourite music your guests can ask for requests and dedications on the evening. Your DJ will announce this a few times throughout the evening so your guests are made aware. At the same time your DJ will bear in mind your personal music wishes and apply professional discretion with regards to any requests made.

Monitoring the Dance-Floor

An important part of ensuring the right music at the right times is what we call ‘reading the crowd’. This means your DJ will constantly monitor the dance-floor for the crowd’s reaction to the music being played. A simple example of this is that if a particular music style or decade is working well he will play more of these songs. If on the other hand a particular genre of music is not working so well he will move on and try another music genre. The art of this is that our DJs will spot small tell-tale signs and adjust the music early ensuring you of a packed dance-floor at all times.

Our Music

Who wants to sing?

Would you like Irish Wedding Djs to provide Karaoke at your Wedding, professional karaoke music is complimentary with all our entertainment packages. We have an incredible karaoke library that is just as vast as our music library Our karaoke comes from professional karaoke producers such as Sunfly.


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